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Latest Updates March 24 (GMT)

March 23 (GMT)

March 22 (GMT)

  • 9359 new cases and 111 new deaths in the United States New deaths and cases include:

  • 4 new deaths and 590 new cases in New Jersey [source]

  • 6 new deaths in Georgia [source]

  • 4 new deaths in California: including the 1st death in Monterey County (an adult with an underlying health condition)  [source

  • 4 new deaths in Louisiana (the other 2 mentioned in the report have been already counted in yesterday's totals for the state):  an 83-year-old Orleans Parish resident, a 50-year-old Orleans resident, a 77-year-old Jefferson Parish resident and a 90-year-old Orleans Parish resident. All aside from the 83-year-old individual had underlying medical conditions [source]

  • 3 new deaths in Michigan: a 52-year-old man with underlying health conditions  [source], the first death in West Michigan: a man in his 70s  [source] and an 90-year-old woman  [source]

  • 1 new death in Florida

  • 1 new death in Colorado [source]

  • 1 new death in Virginia, the 1st in Fairfax County: a man in his 60s who acquired COVID-19 through contact with a previously reported case [source]

  • 1 new death in Indiana [source]

  • 1 new death in Kentucky: a 67-year-old man from Anderson County with underlying health conditions  [source]

  • 1 new death in Kansas. Health officials have ordered Kansas City-area residents to stay at home for 30 days, starting Tuesday [source]

March 21 (GMT)

  • 4824 new cases and 46 new deaths in the United States

  • 269 new cases and 11 new deaths in Washington State [source]

  • 112 new cases in Massachusetts, total rises to 525 [source]

  • New York now has over 10,000 cases [source] New York is doing more tests than any other state in the United States, according to Governor Cuomo, who said 45,000 tests have been performed in New York State, compared to 23,000 in California (which has twice the population) and 23,000 in Washington State (with 1/3 of the population, therefore maintaining a higher number of tests per capita compared to New York)

New deaths include:

  • 1st death in Minnesota: a Ramsey County resident in their 80s [source]

  • 10 new deaths in New York  [source]

  • 5 new deaths in New Jersey  [source]

  • 1 new death in Oregon, first in Marion County [source]

  • 1st death in Tennessee: a 73-year old man with underlying health conditions in Nashville [source]

  • 1st death in Arizona: a Maricopa County man in his 50s with underlying health conditions [source]

  • 1 death in Ohio: an 85-year-old man was an Erie County [source]

  • 2 new deaths in South Carolina: elderly people suffering from underlying health conditions [source]

  • 1 death in California: the first death in Contra Costa County: a patient in their 70s [source]

  • 1 death in Maryland: a Baltimore County resident in his 60s who suffered from underlying medical conditions  [sourceD.C. schools will be closed until April 27

  • 1 death in Missouri:  a woman in her 60s, who suffered from multiple health problems prior to being diagnosed with COVID-19 [source]

March 20 (GMT)

  • 5594 new cases and 49 new deaths in the United States. 23% of the US Population is ordered to "stay at home" after governors in California (40 million residents), New York State (20 million), Illinois (13 million), and Connecticut (3.5 million) ordered nonessential workers to remain at home to slow the spread of coronavirus.

  • Connecticut issues a "stay at home" order for its 3.5 million residents that goes into effect Monday at 8 p.m

  • Texas declared a public health disaster for the first time in more than 100 years  [source

  • Illinois: Governor Pritzker issues an immediate "stay at home" order for all residents "to avoid the loss of potentially tens of thousands of lives" The order goes into effect at 5 p.m. Saturday. [source

  • New York: Governor Cuomo orders 100% of all non-essential workers to stay home  [source]

  • Pennsylvania: Governor Wolf orders all businesses that aren’t ‘life-sustaining’ to close [source]

  • California: Governor Gavin Newson orders the state’s 40 million residents to “stay at home.” The order is “open ended.” Modeling predicts that 56% of the state’s population will be infected over the next 8 weeks. Only essential businesses will be allowed to remain open.  All indoor public and private gatherings with 10 or more people are prohibited [source]   New deaths include: 

  • The first death in Massachusetts:  an 87-year-old military veteran from Winthrop [source]

  • 7 new deaths in King County (WA) [source]

  • 1 new death in Snohomish County (WA)  [source]

  • 1 new death in Illinois, a woman in her 70s in Cook County [source

  • 1 new death in Indiana: an adult resident of Marion County over age 60  [source

  • 1 new death in Missouri (Jackson County) a woman in her 80s with no prior travel history [source]

  • 1 new death in Texas: a man in his 80s in Harris County [source

  • 1 new death in Riverside County (CA)

  • 1 new death in Louisiana

  • 2 new deaths in New Jersey

  • 1 new death in Florida

  • 8 new deaths in New York, as De Blasio is demanding the federal government mobilize the military to help in the response efforts [source]

  • First 2 deaths in Wisconsin: a man in his 50s from Fond Du Lac County and a man in his 90s from Ozaukee County  [source]

  • 3 new deaths in Georgia

  • First 2 deaths in Vermont: a man from Windsor County and a woman from Chittenden County, both older individuals who likely received the virus through community transmission  [source]

  • 1 new presumptive death in Ohio [source]

  • 1 new death in Connecticut: a man in his 80s from New Canaan (the second person from New Canaan to die) [source]   New Cases include:

  • 80 new cases in Texas, of which 19 in Dallas County [source

  • 75 new cases in Tennessee [source

  • 3 new cases in Alabama [source]  

March 19 (GMT)

  • 3 deaths in Illinois [source]

  • 1 death in California, the first in San Benito County: a man in his 60s [source]

  • 1 death in Louisiana: a patient in his 60s with underlying health conditions [source]

  • 7 deaths in Georgia [source] [source

  • 1st death in Maryland: a man in his 60s with an underlying medical condition  [source]

  • 1 death in Washington State: a woman in her 80s with underlying health conditions  [source

New cases include: 

  • 256 new cases in Michigan [source

  • 134 new cases in Illinois  [source

  • 13 new cases in Oregon [source

  • 16 new cases in Arkansas [source

  • 1,238 new cases in New York [source]

  • 46 in California, L.A. County [source

  • 2 in Missouri, first 2 in Christian County [source

  • 1 new case in Wisconsin, La Crosse County: a man in his upper 20s [source

  • 27 new cases in Texas including 14 in Bexar County, 3 in Collin County, 1 in Van Zandt [source] [source] [source]

  • 2 new cases in Idaho, 1 in Twin Falls County, 1 in Blaine County [source

  • 2 new cases in Nevada, Washoe County: a man in his 30s who recently traveled to Europe and a man in his 30s who recently traveled to Washington [source

March 18 (GMT)

  • US - Canada border to temporarily close to nonessential travel [source] [tweet]

  • Trump compares the sacrifices needed to those made during World War II, saying that "now it is our time, we must sacrifice together. We are all in this together and we'll come through it together. It is the invisible enemy. That's always the toughest enemy. But we're going to defeat the invisible enemy. I think we'll going to do it even faster than we thought, and it will be a complete victory, a total victory"

  • US working to determine if the self-swab coronavirus test is as effective as the other testing process. It would be a much easier test

  • all foreclosures and evictions to be suspended until the end of April

New deaths include:

  • 1 death in Clark County (Washington State)  [source

  • 1st death in Missouri, a Boone County resident who had traveled abroad and was self-isolating at home  [source

  • 1st death in Connecticut, an 88-year old man from Ridgefield [source]

  • 2 new deaths in New Jersey, total rises to 5  [source

  • 2 new deaths in Santa Clara County (California): a man in his 50s and a man in his 60s [source] [source

  • 1 new death in Tarrant County (Texas): a 77-year old man [source

New cases include: 

  • 17 new cases in North Carolina [source

  • 8 new cases in Kentucky, including 2 in Jefferson County, one of whom is an 8 months old  [source

  • 13 new cases in Alabama, including the first in Calhoun County [source

  • 4 new cases in New Hampshire, 2 in Grafton County, 1 in Rockingham County and 1 from Carroll County [source

  • 38 new cases in Massachusetts [source

  • 1 new case in North Carolina,  Moore County [source

  • 3 new cases in Kansas, 1 in Leavenworth County, 1 in Wyandotte county and 1 in Johnson County [source

  • 128 new cases in Illinois [source]

  • 17 new cases in Minnesota [source]

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